28 July, 2008

Breaking Dawn Book Release Event in NYC!

Well this weekend is the release of the final book in the Twilight series: Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer. I've seen lots of events going on at book stores (my favorite is at Powell's in Portland, Oregon. The bloodmobile will be there and if you donate blood, you get an earlier spot in line to pick up your book. I think that's brilliant!). I love to see the hype and excitement going into this.

I'm sure each event is going to be memorable, but I will be at the New York City release concert! In addition to that, I'm going to be on a panel on Friday afternoon to discuss theories, the film adaptation, discuss trivia and a bunch of other stuff. It's open to the public, so if you guys are around, you should definitely check it out. Here's some more info:

Where: Borders Books in Columbus Circle. It's in the Time Warner building.
When: Friday, August 1 at noon
Who will be there: a bunch of the moderators from various Twilight Fan sites including The Twilight Lexicon, Twilight Series Theories, His Golden Eyes and The Twilight Moms.

Everyone who RSVPs for the event by July 31st is entered to win a Twilight Tshirt too, and the winner will be announced at the panel (I think you have to be present to win though). Apparently MTV will be there too... wicked exciting.

So there's the dirt. I'm stoked. It'll be neat to meet with these people and discuss possible outcomes for the series, but also the whole world surrounding the Twilight series as we're going to discuss the fandom and changes that have been happening to it since the film's production began. I'm sure it'll be interesting. Aaaand... after that, I'll get to see Stephenie Meyer, and hear Blue October, and get Breaking Dawn, and stay up all night reading it... It's gonna be brilliant!

More soon. Some exciting adventures have been occurring recently. One of which is that I've just heard that my first article is being published! It's about The Lord of the Rings being made into a MMO game and the article should be out this fall. Very exciting stuff....

Happy Reading to all!