22 February, 2010

Kristen Stewart wins the BAFTA...continues to take over the world.

 I don't know why I'm still surprised at the breadth and extent of the Twilight fandom, but I'm kind of glad that every time I see a huge group of screaming fans it still makes me smile. There's something about seeing that level of enthusiasm for a film/novel/actor that makes me feel happy and encouraged about people being okay with the world. Nothing made them as happy as catching a glimpse of Rob's floppy fro and Kristen's gorgeous dress.

So I wasn't at the BAFTAs, but I saw the mayhem in London last night. I'm down here for a week to see Dame Judi Dench in A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Rose Theater (she was AMAZING, and so gracious), I'm doing some research, and having a chat with a production company here about producing some shorts with them (more on that fun news later). But of course it was the BAFTAs, and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were both in London, and therefore I couldn't escape the Twilight chat, and further infiltration of it into my life!

It was fun to watch it here, where Twilight is certainly a big deal, everyone has heard of it, but it doesn't have the same mania that exists in the US. So when she won, I think it came as a surprise to everyone, and most of all- to Kristen herself. The speech was rather rough, awkward... definitely unrehearsed. We know she's not one to grab the spotlight and would rather just keep to her own devices and quietly do her work... she's not the most comfortable in front the masses of screaming fans that follow her wherever she goes, but I think I would have at least jotted down a few bullet points for a 'speech.' It was a bit painful, wasn't it? And they kept zooming in on Rob's face... no pressure Rob, act normal...

I'm glad they're both having fun in London and able to see the Twilight universe here, and the fans get a glimpse of them as well. I imagine it's a nice break from the LA craziness. So congrats to Kristen, yay BAFTAs (I love them, seriously, who didn't cry when Vanessa Redgrave did a proper curtsy to Prince William and showed him the utmost respect as royalty?! It was very humbling), and yay Twilight fans.