11 March, 2011

Update on the life of a (nearing the end?) PhD student...

My PhD in dry-erase board form
Yes, I know it's March. Yes, I know I haven't posted since January. Yes, I'm sorry. But you know what? LAST SIX MONTHS OF MY PhD! I've been told for years that this is when it truly gets crazy, and you know what? It's true. It's not like the work has escalated; that's always been there, that's always been a constant. But  my relationship to the work has gotten crazier. Some days its a good relationship, some days its a bad one, and after the bad days it somehow cajoles you back and you're sucked into its clutches again... sigh. All I know is that I considered giving up wine for Lent (I'm not really all that religious, I just like the challenge) and then I giggled... 'cause that's not gonna happen for a few months.

Anywho, PhD is.... going... I'm not going to say well or poorly, it's simply going at this stage. My one piece of advice to people considering a PhD? Make sure you LOVE your topic. There's no way I could make it through this process if I wasn't a huge fan of films, and truly interested in the adaptation processes of popular literature.

So, no big news or film thoughts at the moment. I think I'm currently working five jobs: PhD student, International Student Ambassador, International Office assistant, International Office Welfare Officer, Warden. PhD is the only full time job; the others are as needed... the things you do to make it through!

There have been some rather awesome developments in my film world, however. It looks like I may have a definite dream job lined up post-PhD, and possibly two. I'm going to hold off a tiny bit longer until I announce anything, but methinks it'll be swell and add all sorts of dimensions to my understanding of the filmmaking process.  And it might just start with an 'E' and end in an 'lfin' :)

I'm currently writing up a chapter about fans' uses of fansites, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the case study section of Twilight's adaptation from the film maker's point of view. Fans will be next, and then what those two aspects together created.

My life... at least it looks like Hogwarts
Side-note- I'm heading to LA at the end of the month for some film meetings, then doing some recruiting for my University in Portland OR, NYC, Boston, and New Hampshire. CanNOT wait to get Stateside and write up some of this thesis from favorite pubs, coffee shops, and friend/family homes. YAY.

Keep on keepin' on, folks. I'll try to. In the meantime, I'm eternally grateful for Gilmore Girls, Firefly, Masterchef, Doctor Who, and sudoku. They keep me going :-D