23 November, 2008

New Moon is Cleared and Big Opening Weekend!

Whoot whoot! New Moon has been cleared for production (as if I ever doubted it...), and Twilight has already made $37 million. And that's only from midnight on Friday morning until Saturday. They're expecting a possible $70 million opening weekend. Summit has GOT to be breaking out the champagne. Additionally, Rob Pattinson is the number one most-searched actor on IMDB.com, Kristen Stewart is number two, Taylor Lautner is number five, and Twilight is the number one most-searched film. WOW.

I'm purposely trying very hard not to read any reviews and whatnot, I want to try and stay as pure as I can until I see the film myself (dear LORD I hope it can happen December 3; I don't know how I can cleanly make it until the 19th... darn UK release being later...). But hopefully I can see it cleanly, make my own observations and opinions, write them down, hash them out, and THEN catch up on the reviews and answer to them. So my review will just have to wait! I'm sorry! Just think of it as the coverage that keeps on giving. When every other outlet has started quieting down, I'll just be warming up :)

Happy viewing all, I'm sure some of you are up to your 7th or 8th time by now!

UPDATE: Whoot! It made bucket loads this weekend- over $70 million, and it's the highest grossing film for a female director. Congrats to Catherine! Read about it here.

17 November, 2008

Let the Mayhem Begin...

Well today is the day. It's Twilight premiere day in LA and the masses are already going mad!

I just spoke with Jen from the Twilight Lexicon and it sounds uber exciting; I'm rather jealous I'm not there, but hopefully I'll be at the London one. The Borders podcast was yesterday with many of the actors attending, signing autographs, and copious amounts of screaming from the hundreds of fans gathered there. The premiere is being held at two theaters (it's just that big :) and there are already hundreds if not thousands of fans lined up around the blocks surrounding the theaters for spots in the fan area of the premiere. I hope there will be serious body-guarding for the cast and crew!

In other good news, apparently 51% of all internet movie ticket sales this week were for Twilight... and it's not even out yet!! That's very promising for the film's success. I don't think the film makers will have to worry too hard about Twilight making them some money, and hopefully that will mean a positive move forward quickly for New Moon production. I believe they're looking to make something in the realm of $30 million in the opening weekend, and I can't imagine they'll have much trouble (yes I'm knocking on wood).

I'm most curious to see the entire presentation of this evening. How did they decorate? What was the budget like for posters, cardboard cutouts, banners, did they make it look like a forest? Did the staff have pale skin and yellow eyes? I doubt it, but you never know with premieres, remember the premiere of V for Vendetta (picture on the right... there were tons of those guys there that night) or the guys that dressed as orcs and jumped around for an hour at The Lord of the Rings premiere? You never know... there could be Newborns running amuck in LA right now outside of the theater.

I wonder how they'll introduce it, if they'll refer to Stephenie Meyer and the overall spectrum of the novel; or if they'll discuss the film making process, the challenges with the adaptation, with the weather, with the stalking fans... and will they discuss it at all afterwards? Is anything said at the end or does it just split apart and everyone goes to their release parties?

Hmm... things we shall soon discover, I hope! And hopefully I'll have a chance to investigate in London.

Keep a weather eye, and happy Twilighting all! Please try not to rub it in too much that you'll ALL see it before me :-p I have to wait until December 3 at the earliest, and possibly until December 19 for the general release. Sigh...