02 October, 2011

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Buses, The Tardis, Teleport devices...

Just a quick one here, but I wanted to post that I'm heading Stateside for a few weeks! PhD-land is going well, Elfin work is going very well, and I'm off on a tour of a bunch of high schools and universities talking about my film work, why I came to the UK to study, answering questions about study abroad and the film industry, and in a few places, I'll be holding Pitch Fests for aspiring screenwriters.

This trip is a lot of fun, and I pack a whole lot of visits, talks, panels, and presentations into a short amount of time (i.e. at UMW in Fredericksburg I'm on a panel about fantasy literature adaptation, and in George Fox in Oregon I'm teaching a few classes about event films and the development process!). I'm crossing the country a few times, so there's a chance I'll be in your area should education in the UK appeal to you, or you're interested in the film industry from my experience and perspective.

I'll be in:

New Orleans Oct 3-5 (International High School, Benjamin Franklin High School)
Pensacola FL Oct 5-8 (Pensacola High School, University of Western Florida)
San Francisco CA Oct 9-10 (Berkeley High School)
Los Angeles, CA: Oct 10-16 (CSU: Northridge, Pierce College)
Washington DC/Fredericksburg VA: Oct 16-23 (NACAC fair, U of Mary Washington)
Lancaster PA: Oct 23-30 (Dickinson College, Gettysburg College, and Franklin and Marshall grad fairs, Swarthmore, Villanova, Hempfield High School, and Lancaster Country Day School)
Portland OR: Oct 30-Nov 3 (George Fox University, Reed College)
Seattle, WA: Nov 3-5 (NACAC Fair)
Philadelphia, PA: Nov 5-6 (NACAC Fair)
Lancaster, PA: Nov 6-8 (Conestoga Valley Fair)

If you're interested in UK education, check out this post from last year, and hopefully I'll see some of you at  these events!

Right... I'm heading to London now, and  I'm flying to New Orleans tomorrow! Let the mayhem begin.