23 November, 2008

New Moon is Cleared and Big Opening Weekend!

Whoot whoot! New Moon has been cleared for production (as if I ever doubted it...), and Twilight has already made $37 million. And that's only from midnight on Friday morning until Saturday. They're expecting a possible $70 million opening weekend. Summit has GOT to be breaking out the champagne. Additionally, Rob Pattinson is the number one most-searched actor on IMDB.com, Kristen Stewart is number two, Taylor Lautner is number five, and Twilight is the number one most-searched film. WOW.

I'm purposely trying very hard not to read any reviews and whatnot, I want to try and stay as pure as I can until I see the film myself (dear LORD I hope it can happen December 3; I don't know how I can cleanly make it until the 19th... darn UK release being later...). But hopefully I can see it cleanly, make my own observations and opinions, write them down, hash them out, and THEN catch up on the reviews and answer to them. So my review will just have to wait! I'm sorry! Just think of it as the coverage that keeps on giving. When every other outlet has started quieting down, I'll just be warming up :)

Happy viewing all, I'm sure some of you are up to your 7th or 8th time by now!

UPDATE: Whoot! It made bucket loads this weekend- over $70 million, and it's the highest grossing film for a female director. Congrats to Catherine! Read about it here.


m~ said...

Yea! That's great news. I haven't seen Twilight yet either, we are going tonight. I have, however, read several reviews. Good luck at staying pure and thanks for the good news.

jane said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the final product! Your observations so far have been very interesting and insightful, and it will be nice to hear from someone who was lucky enough to visit the set. I hope December comes quickly for you!

Karla said...

Thanks for posting again! I am very much looking forward to your analysis of the film and your hopes for the second. I won't post any spoilers or my opinions! I am going for a second time tonight. Hopefully the gaggles of 15 year old screaming girls will stay home this time, so that I can actually hear the first 3 minutes of the film! :)

Debbie said...

I've seen the movie 6 times. Each time it just gets better and better. I really enjoyed reading your breakdown of the filming of this movie and all I have to say is I don't think you will be disappointed. I am sooo looking forward to New Moon.

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