04 August, 2008

NYC Breaking Dawn Events

Talk about craziness.... this weekend was something else! I'll have a full report, tons of pictures, videos...everything soon! It was SO much fun. The panel, the concert, meeting Stephenie Meyer, the Border's book release party, and, of course, reading the book all day Saturday... but I wanted to post these few things about the events. There's a bunch of stuff at www.twilightlexiconblog.com as well as www.twilightseriestheories.com

Nuts! Okay, major discussion coming. The book was incredible, and the events on Friday leading up to its release unmatched. I've never seen anything like this in a release, so I'm excited to analyze parts of it academically and break it down a bit. A book release, with a concert, with a panel discussion, with an interview, with film clips played... incredible inter-medium discussions going on in my brain; I'm excited to flesh them out a bit! I'll probably be doing it in two shifts. The first up through the panel discussion, and the second about the concert and the book release party.


ThinkBrown said...

Breaking Dawn Is AWESOME!!!

Karla said...

Shockingly, I did not really like Breaking Dawn. The plot was fine, but it was too much jammed into 750 pages. I wish she had divided the storyline into 2 books perhaps ending the first book with Jacob's imprinting and going into more depth in detail on all sides. I felt like we lost the Bella and Edward romance a bit in the second half of the book, because she had so much to wrap up. And of course I was left craving a full on battle with the Volturi - Meyer is great with the action sequences (the battle against Victoria and her army in Eclipse!)But that's just me wanting more I guess. I am reading it again and I am sure I will ike it more the second time around. :)

Miette said...

Good words.