18 December, 2008

UK Release tonight! And other updates...

So Twilight is out for general release tonight at midnight in the UK, so of course I'm stoked to finally be able to see it again. I've been processing everything from the first screening, and now there are about two dozen things I need to see again... and possibly again and again.

I'm heading to London tonight for the general release, flying home for the holidays on Monday, and I will be home for a couple of weeks (YAY!). You can certainly look for more analysis of the film as that will be happening fast and furiously hopefully, but first I'm going to have something up about the director issues.

A lot of people have been asking for my opinions and thoughts on the switch, so that will be the next thing I have up. A lot of elements go into making a film, different elements into making one of a series, and the director has a lot to do with all of it, so this is a big switch; a surprising one perhaps to most, not necessarily a bad switch, but certainly something to ponder and dare I say it, be wary of. I'm worried about the timing, the slight rush, his past projects (you all know my feelings on The Golden Compass... though that is certainly not all his fault)... anyway, I wish I could have done it earlier as things just keep unfolding around Twilight and New Moon, but that whole 'life' thing gets in the way! The end of the semester was insanely busy!

More soon...


Tessa Talk said...

Wishing you a restful holiday at home. And a Happy Christmas, of course.

Hope you'll have time for more commentary, concerning 'New Moon.' Where the drama just seems to keep swirling. Now it's the who-will-play-Jacob? drama... -sigh-

Happy Christmas,

caninecologne said...

looking forward to your posts. have a safe trip back to the states. enjoy your 2nd viewing of "Twilight" too!