15 June, 2009

TwiCon and update

TwiCon's program is online! I'm sure we're still going to have to tweak it here and there as things come up, but it's there! Panelists are preparing, papers are being composed, and fans are getting more fanatic :) Anyone planning on attending?

I'm nearing the end of my year in Wales, and preparing for a bounce-all-over-the-place summer in the States! I had a conference this past week that I've been helping to organize for a few months and we had someone drop out at the last minute, so I whipped up a presentation on Twilight, of course. It's definitely a topic I can wax on without notes at this point! It was actually really interesting. I talked about authorial intent and audience expectation; i.e. what Stephenie Meyer's motivations were when writing it, what the filmmakers intentions are, what the fan's expectations are, and exactly how all of those things worked together during Twilight's adaptation to the big screen. It was actually kind of fun, and the questions at the end were brilliant. People asking all sorts of academicy stuff, and the discussion was a great stimulant for more research. Yay for last minute papers working out!

I've just one more week in Wales, then I'm heading home to see my folks for a few days in Pennsylvania, then to North Carolina for a family thing, then Oregon to work on an indie film set and shadow some production companies (I need more practical experience), then to Dallas Texas for TwiCon, then to New Hampshire for camp (YAY!) , then my sister's wedding in New Hampshire, and back to Wales in September! Whooooosh. Well my carbon footprint has not been small this year, but I hope I counter it somewhat by not owning a car, only using bikes, walking and public transport whenever I am in one of these many locations and being as hippily green as I possibly can :)

(p.s. this second picture is from Abergwyngregn, the next town over from Bangor where I was housesitting two weeks ago. I just popped it in to remember how gorgeous where I live is!)

Here's my list of to do for the blog:
* Talk about the script reading course I took at the Script Factory in London (rockin')
* Scene by scene analysis of Twilight
* Script vs. novel analysis
* Play the board game ad-nauseum (just bought it... disappointed that the trivia questions aren't challeging enough :-D)
* Maybe talk a bit about stage adaptations; I saw Lord of the Rings ages ago, I keep hearing about a Harry Potter stage play, and then there are the cross overs like Billy Elliot, Chicago, Nine, Mama Mia... I'll stew on that one
*...And any other random thoughts that enter my head :)

Now I just need 57 hours in my day, and I'll get all of it done! Plus my two chapters for my PhD, my yearly review, my scholarly article, and finding more conferences away from my Uni at which to present.

It'll be fiiiiine :)


Jackie said...

I love your blog. . .how fun! I work in the industry and I love it. I enjoy your writing as well. have fun on the jorney and I will keep up with you! Much Love!

I said...

I came across yr blog today... I am just so fascinated by what you r upto.... I am really looking forward to your blogs on all of these and much more... cheers!!! keep up the great sharing :)