18 June, 2010

Website updates! Pictures! Statistics! And Info! Oh my...

You know, it was about stinkin' time I figured out how to work my own website. After owning the domain for a year and a half, I finally sat down tonight, watched a slew of tutorial videos, and figured it out. It was not hard. I am just impatient and expect all things to come to me easily... but they do not, and that causes frustration, until I go 'oh just do it already...' so I did!

SO in conclusion, everything is now in one place. My stats are there, info about what I've done and where I'm going with this whole PhD and producing malarky, and probably the most-interesting-to-the-general- public aspect is that there are lots and lots and lots of pictures from the set of Twilight, the UK premiere in Leicester Square, Vampire Baseball in Oregon,  the Breaking Dawn release in New York, TwiCon 2009... all sorts of fun things to explore!

So yay for finally figuring out that aspect of my New Media degree; now I get to play, make it shiny, and see what other fun elements I can add to it, right? Right.

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