04 July, 2011

A few questions answered

I refuse to divulge too much, so you're just going to have to see the kiss and whatnot on your own, as a play by play from me will not be the same thing, and you'll lose that first reaction 'awww' moment. The questions were great though. You asked some things that I was wondering as well, and a few things that I didn't consider but I had immediate answers for, which makes me think the filmmakers knew what they were doing.  They anticipated the fan questions and filled in the holes with required material.

So, here are a few bits answered:

Question 1:
Could you tell me specifically which scenes where "horrifically wrong". I don't need spoilers but just the names of the scenes? And was their anything wrong with the final battle?
Description: elete”Horrifically” may be a bit dramatic… but I was disappointed by a key omission in the final battle scene (the one from the book that is Harry vs. Voldemort, with everyone gathered ‘round, watching the confrontation, and where Harry insists “it has to be like this. It has to be me,” and where Harry offers Voldemort a chance to regret, a chance for remorse and forgiveness, and where we end with an empty, human, mortal shell of a body that was Voldemort… that’s probably more than a hint as to what I’m annoyed about
Description: logger Question Two:

1) How was the meeting between Harry, Hermione, Ron and Abeforth? Do you remember any great line from this scene?
 My fave line was from Hermione, “That doesn’t sound like someone who’s given up” in response to Aberforth's grumbling. There were a number of omissions here that irked, and a spotty explanation of the mirror, but none of the omissions were destructive to the main throughline of the story. I wish they were there, but they weren’t vitally necessary.

2) Can you describe (the most as you can) the boathouse scene? The place, the lines, how was it, etc.
Sorry, not going to give a play by play. But it was great. There were tears.
3) Did you like the scene of Hermione and Ron in the Chamber of Secrets? What happens when Hermione destroys the Horcrux? Will we see something of Voldemort? How was the kiss?
Bloody brilliant scene. I wish the horcrux was more volatile, i.e. like the locket, because we got to see what Ron truly feared, but that whole scene was phenooomenal. And the kiss… oh the kiss… fab. Natural, giggly, snog-fest.

Description: elete
Description: logger Question Three:
How was the 3D, was it distracting or horribly converted?
Interesting question. I usually dislike 3D and avoid it at all costs because I find it gimmicky. I hate when they make a scene overly 3D just because it makes people go “oooooo” (i.e. snow falling in people’s laps, the flight in Avatar like a Disney ride…) I find it generally is neat, visually, but it takes the viewer out of the narrative of the film. They’re thinking about the 3D, about the glasses, about the effect, rather than the story.
That being said, I didn’t mind the 3D in this. The only gimmicky moment was during the final battle, when I was already cheesed off by the other stuff mentioned above, so I didn’t really focus on it. The 3D was non-distracting. I think I’d still opt for 2D, but it wasn’t bad at all.
Description: elete
Question Four: Could you please describe what the end credits was like? And did "Leaving Hogwarts" play during the epilogue? Thanks.
The end credits were very simple. No animation as in the earlier films, just white words on black background. And I don’t think I heard “leaving Hogwarts” during the epiologue, but I was too focused on Ginny’s old lady shoes, so I didn’t really notice the soundtrack at that moment.

Question Five: Your description of chemistry was amusing.. any more adjectives for Ron Hermione kiss ;) was it too short? or was it satisfactory enough? And was it Hot enough?
The best adjectives I have for the kiss are natural, passionate, and snog-tastic. Remember Aragorn’s kiss to Arwen on the balcony during 'Return of the King', where he sees her behind the flag, stares for a second, and then just dives in for a fantastic snog? It’s similar J
Question Six: 

My question : When Ron sees ** dead, what does he do?? What is Hermione doing then? doesnt she console/hug him or is she hugging harry then?
Again, I won’t say much here. But there were tears. And Ron’s tears initiated many more tears.Description: elete
Question Seven: Is there enough ron and hermione moments throughout the movie to be satisfied with besides the kiss and handholding moments???thanks!!
They had some great moments. Most were just their little interactions, looks exchanged and whatnot. My fave was after the Chamber of Secrets, when they’re in the Room of Requirement. Keep an eye out for their facial expressions and reactions.
Description: elete
Question Eight: I, too, would love to know if there are a lot of cute Ron and Hermione moments, even before this kiss. The last movie ended with his arms around her, but in the new clip it doesn't seem as if they've gotten any "closer." Are there cute moments between them like the piano one in DH1? Thanks!

Also, someone posted a message saying there was a scene with Ron rubbing ointment on Hermione's arm, was that completely made up?
Definitely good moments, and nice clear hints and explanations (i.e. to Harry, which was another question) that they are together now. Adorbs.
Hm… I don’t recall any ointment. There was a continuity issue after Gringott’s with essence of dittany, but that was Hermione to Harry and Ron… it was like she was giving them hand sanitizer… weird.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I'd like to ask some questions,
How was their appearance in the epilogue? There is dialogue between Ron and Hermione in the epilogue? Or Harry is the only one talking?

Anonymous said...

You probably have the best description writing skills i have come across in a very long time..
the biggies should publish your reviews..

You dont need to explain this in detail.. We will keep our "aww" moment :)

But plz just tell us if Ron's head blocks the kiss..(the Lotr reference also unfortunately has some blocking)

Just this much plz..And i'll be at peace.. there's too much anxiety spreading around..

Happy 4th July!!

Anonymous said...

were you disappointed that the ron/hermione kiss didn't happen like the book? do you think most book fans will be pleased with it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, God. People stop going on about the kiss - when there's so much else to ask. I have a question, though. What was the WB Logo and Harry Potter logo, like. How did the opening play out?

D said...

One more thing: there's not subtle hints of any sort of "triangle" right? Like, when Harry finds out that R/Hr finally get together, he doesn't look at Hermione for a second with longing or anything? Is he excited for them, or showing a facial expression like "finally!"? Thanks.

ScullingOnSquam said...

Hey gang. Answers!
1) There is dialogue, wait and see.

2) I don't recall Ron's head blocking anything, and the kiss was fab. There was clapping and cheering.

3) I don't recall any 'triangle' tension.

4) The logo- stoney, I believe. Similar to the Pt. 1, and opening cleverly recapped necessary information without seeming too 'preachy'.

Not long now, guys! Enjoy! :) And thanks for the compliments. Who doesn't love that? :)

Anonymous said...

This is the description of the kiss one of the guys from the 2nd screening has given:

You do not see their lips during the entire kiss, only for a brief moment when the lips meets.
- The camera is static and does not move closer (zooming in).
- It's a full body shot (you'll see most of their bodies)
- The kiss does look like the ron/lavander kiss with the difference that it is Ron holding his arms around Hermione. You only see Hermiones left hand touching Rons chin/cheek area.
- Rons head does block the kiss (you'll see the back of his head)
- The kiss lasts for 5-7 seconds.
- They do giggle for 2-3 seconds afterwards.
- Ron stands to the left in screen and Hermione to the right.
- The kiss does look passionate between the two of them.
- It does not look like the Harry/Ginny kiss.

Is all what written above true 9 yrs of wait and a split second of lip contact??? how can anyone like such a kiss..This is PREPOSTEROUS...

I am posting some sideway kiss angles pictures?? Which of these reminds of u of the RH kiss angle??

I know u have been asked similar things a million times but our anxiousness is understandable hopefully

Anonymous said...

You are the best MAggie!

Melissa said...

Yep, that bit with the essence of dittany was a bit bizarre, very hand-sanitizer. I don't remember what the significance is, can you fill me in?