06 February, 2012

Avengers-- ASSEMBLE!

Woohoo! New Avengers trailer! Let the geek-splosion commence! (trailer below)

So the Super Bowl is a tricky thing to manage when living in the UK. It doesn't start until 11pm, you don't get the commercials, the commentary between plays is covered by Brits... it's odd.

Thank goodness for the Internet however. I didn't get The Avengers trailer in real-time on TV, but luckily, it was online within seconds.

VERY exciting. Mostly, I loved seeing the team fully assembled; also to get an idea of who the villain is, and see how these individual heroes will mesh as a unit.  I never really gave in and got obsessed with the first X-Men films because I didn't have ONE hero to get behind. I like the Batman, Spiderman, even X-Men First Class-- yes it was an ensemble movie, but it was clearly Xavier and Magneto as the focal characters.  

However, with The Avengers, we've had ample time to fall for each of these heroes individually. Of course I love Captain America after working on it, but also because my heart goes giggagump and there's an audible gasp when I see him... Swoony McSwoons a lot, but I really love the rest of them too. Two Iron Mans plus my love for Robert Downey and his lovable, smarmy billionaire playboy character made it easy to have the slow burn of love grow.  Sam with The Hulk. I didn't really love the first one, but the second one...Ed Norton... I'm in!  And Thor... well, if you need my opinion on that one, just have a gander at this post. I do love me a hammer-bearing god :)

Lovely trailer. It sets up the characters, a threat, the action, the interest, but also doesn't give everything away. We can infer that Loki is up to no good, but it doesn't throw it in our face as to exactly how he will aim to attain his goals. Plus we immediately get a snarky comment from Tony Stark about having a Hulk equivalent to an army. Well played.

I look forward to the expansion of Steve Rogers's character, the introduction of Hawkeye, the adventure, the badass, "I'm So Cool 'Cause I'm a Superhero" moments, and it's all being handled by Joss Whedon-- I don't think it can get much better, can it?

:08- I'm glad they're focusing on the Captain first. We've seen him the least, really, of the big, solo films (Iron Man had two, The Hulk had two, Thor was most recent...), so it's good to see him. Also, as he is from the past and all of this is new and slightly alien to him, so it is with us also. We're not used to seeing Superheroes or alien invaders on our planet, so seeing it through slightly fresh eyes of a re-awakened hero gives us an immediate recognition with the character. We're both new to this world. It has changed (for us, it's just for two hours of a film, but for Rogers it's life).

:10- "We are hopelessly outgunned"...setting them up immediately as the Underdogs

:22- Mr. Stark/Captain-- I immediately think, wow; the last time Steve Rogers said that, it was about Tony's father. Strange collision of the worlds and timelines, and well handled!

:23-:34- it's a nice reminder of who we'll be seeing in this film, and the kick-ass action moments they'll have. Clearly the focus is on Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, but we do get quick shots of Black Widow and Hawkeye.

:42- "I still believe in heroes" followed by a group shot.... makes me want to applaud and jump up from my chair and scream, "Me too! I do believe in Faeries, I do! I do! I mean...oh...uh... heroes... right, heroes."

:47 first glimpse of Hulk... I wonder why they're keeping him more to the background. Granted we haven't bonded with him as closely as the others maybe; he was played by different actors, and it's been awhile since we've seen him, but still he's not in those opening shots.

Lovely lovely lovely. I can't wait to watch it twelve more times, and count the days 'til May 4. Where will you be?

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