29 September, 2006

Back in Bangor

So I'm back in Bangor, once again, and happy to be here. It's weird how I can feel so stinkin' comfortable in both places. I was sitting in JFK airport and really didn't want to go back. Not that I am not enjoying it by any means, but I was happy at home, and wanted to stay. And now I'm back here, and I'm happy all over again. I love being here, I love being there... meh. I know I'll be back there eventually, so I just need to remember to enjoy this as much as humanly possible while I am here!

Oh and I don't have a room yet! I'm a warden this year (just a scary name for an RA) and I was in one hall where I had a tiny room and it was all undergraduates (would have been fine, but I wasn't overly thrilled about it), then a girl quit, and I got her room! I haven't seen it yet, but apparently its a top floor suite, my own kitchenette, bathroom, a bedroom and a little living room. Whoot! Much better. And the hall is international students and postgrads. Whoot!

So yeah, that's all for today! It's David's brithday so we're gonna go out to dinner and do a little pub crawling :)

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about feeling "at home" in different places. As corny as that sounds I feel like that everytime I go back to Fredericksburg. Eventually I felt that way about St. Petersburg. I was only there for a month, and I got homesick about half-way into it. But now when I see pictures I feel this urge to go back. So instead I stalk Russia News sites.
Miss you much! Hope you're having a good time settling back in your Whales groove.

~Red :0)