05 October, 2006

Fire Drills in the Rain

Today was uber fun. I got up at 5am because I've started my warden duties, and we did fire drills this morning. I got to wear a bright orange vest, set off fire alarms, and watch still-drunk 18 year olds spill outside. It was actually a good time. I got to know my other wardens which was good as I missed the training period and I'm still 'the new guy.' And then we were going to go out to breakfast, but decided we'd go tomorrow as we have to do it all again tomorrow morning! So I went back to bed until noon instead. Sweet.

And now it's absolutely pouring and I'm just not motivated to go outside. So I shall unpack some more, make some lunch, and possible watch a dvd. I'm THAT exciting :)

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Tripp & Sarah said...

Hi from NZ! I figured you leave us comments, we leave you comments. How are the fire drills going? We're going to see Inconvenient Truth tonight with Faith after we check out the theater that Peter Jackson rebuilt for the premiere of Lord of the Rings, sweet!