18 October, 2006


This whole money thing just gets in the way, doesn't it? So my solution for now, is that I've decided to quit the cinema and take the job with Raluca and the one in the international office. Raluca's is a max of 5 hours a week, and the international job is as many hours as I want on whatever day I want etc. etc.... very flexible, perfect, even, but it's only guarenteed until November (which is fast approaching!). So I'm working for them, but I've applied for these two library jobs and pretty much told them that if I'm offered a position with them, I would probably take it, and they were totally fine with that.

So I'll turn my notice in this weekend for the cinema! I'm sad to leave it, but it's the right move. The people I work with there are great, I like that it is out of the way and has nothing to do with academia, and of course free movies are great, but it'll save me 3 pounds each time (train fare), and two of our managers left along with about12 staff members, so it's not been a perfect place to work recently! It's a good move. And worst case is I am not kept on the job in the international office and I'll have to find yet another job sometime after Christmas. We shall see! It'll be fiiine :)

As for today though, there are blue skies, and I'm going to Chester (the picture is Chester) with David to go ice skating and walking around the town. Yay!

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