12 October, 2006

Things to ponder...

So a few interesting things have popped up over the last couple of days. One was that I got an email from one of my supervisors, Raluca, offering me a part-time job that pays more than twice what I make at the cinema. Whoot! It'd only be like 5 hours a week, but it actually has to do with my major, I'd be helping to organize conferences, and doing palaeography work. Exciting. Then she told me about two other job openings in the library, where I'd be a member of staff (which means I get a library card and an email account, something I don't have now and would have to pay 40 pounds a month for... yeah, don't really want to pay for that when I can just use my hotmail address). One is reshelving books, helping people find books, basic library stuff. The other one is in the archives department, and involves handling the rare documents and assisting researchers and stuff. Both pay really well, and as both are University jobs, if I decided to do my PhD at Bangor, my tuition would be halved.

So I still don't know if I want to do a PhD, but things are being set up pretty well that if I do want to do one, it would be very easy to pay for and get accepted. Eep!

So those are the things on my mind... no real news otherwise. I saw Children of Men yesterday and that was a crazy movie. Really good, but crazy. It's about the end of humanity because people can't conceive anymore. Then one girl gets pregnant and Clive Owen has to get her to safety before the government tries to take over her and her baby. Crazy!

Anywho... off to apply for some jobs. I'll keep ya posted

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