20 October, 2006

I love productive days

(The picture is from last Easter, frolicking on Newborough Beach, but it kind of reflects how I feel today!)

Seriously, today was great. Busy and head is buzzing, but the good things-are-moving-around-in-there buzzing. So I quit the cinema today, and it went surprisingly well. James was on, and he's the manager that just kind of takes situations. He never reacts to them, just takes them. So I told him I was quitting, gave him my letter, and he said 'okay, that sounds fine' and that was it! Fine by me... no guilt trip or harassing as my other managers would do :) So I'm working tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, and then I'm done! It'll be sad to lose free movies, and a job completely brainless and kinda fun... but my new jobs are sounding pretty sweet!

I took the international job and started it today. It's good! Mainly secretarial stuff. I answer the phones, look up application details, answer emails etc. But it's a fun office, laid back, and I already know the answers to a lot of the questions because I lived through it, so that's good!

And next week I'll start the job with Raluca. That's only about 4 or 5 hours a week, and it's all conference planning and webpage management. So both really good experiences I think, pay is decidedly better, location is walking distance from my house, and the hours are totally up to me to plan. I just tell them when I'll be in, and that's it! Sweet!

And I had a meeting with Sam (friend) and Peter (supervisor) today and both were really encouraging and I might go so far as to say a positive experience (rare and somewhat unheard of with Peter!). YAY!! So I had two meetings, worked in the int'l office, went grocery shopping, worked for an hour and a half, met with some friends and saw the Departed at the cinema (SO FRICKIN' GOOD. SERIOUSLY.), and now I'm blogging. Oh, and I almost died at Sarah and Tripp's new post. I LOVE THEM. And I love living through them :)

YAY! So things are lovely. May it continue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie - yours is the first blog i've ever visited. wonder if i'm doing this right? just wanted to let you know the leaves are really beautiful in NY this year. BUT, I wait for your pics and news of Wales......someday will get back there. Love, pj

Anonymous said...

Wow! Things are happening fast! We take one week off and you've got 2 new jobs and quit the old one. Sounds like everything is going well. Love, Mom