23 October, 2006

A wha??

I'm a bit lost for what to post, because I just finished reading Tripp and Sarah's blog (if you haven't read it yet, treat yourself: trippandsarah.blogspot.com), and I can't even respond to that let alone post my own stuff. THEY BIRTHED LAMBS PEOPLE! Well not they, themselves, but they pulled a lamb out of a sheep. Even Sarah. Up to their wrists in sheep. Eww... but wow. And kayaking in fjords... wow.

So yeah, I'm just in awe of them at the moment. Because how did I spend my morning? Laundry and cleaning my flat. Whoot! I kept stuff at the chaplaincy over the summer for storage, and the basement where my stuff was flooded.... so I spent 3 hours and 8 pounds today washing damp, somewhat moldy clothes. I think I've rescued three pairs of pants, some PJ bottoms, a fleece vest, and a sweater, but I'm afraid we lost two brave sweaters, a shawl, and three pairs of shoes in the mess. One of the sweaters was this gorgeous, teal, jcrew one that Sarah got me last year too. I washed it three times and now I think its too small for me for one thing (it might fit my pleasant company dolls), and it still smells of damp... shed a tear.

I did quit my job yesterday though, and I'm planning a few days in London, and a possible trip to Norway in February to see the northern lights and the arctic circle. Thats some thrilling stuff to look forward to:) And my friend Colette is coming back to Bangor tonight and we're gonna rock the pub quiz this evening. Yay!

So no birthing lambs, but still wicked good. :)

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog too. Sounds good with the new jobs. Sorry i missed your recent call but thanks for checking in.