09 November, 2006

Sorry for the lack of posting recently. No real excuse, mainly just that things haven't been postworthy I suppose! I'm just kinda settling into a routine here in ol' Bangor and reeeaaally liking it. My jobs are great, I feel like I'm ten times more productive than I've been, I'm working out again, traveling to fun local desitnations on weekends, learning how to use all sorts of different officey type programs and stuff.... its loverly :) Tuesday-Thursday I do my jobs (three conferences to plan, and international office) and go to circuit training in the evening, Monday, Thursday afternoon, and Friday are my academic days, and weekends are whatever I need them to be (play, work, whatever).

I did have a fun alteration in today's schedule though. There was a group of Chinese delegates from an international education company called NCC visiting Wales today and I was their Vanna White tour guid showing off campus. It was fun/ny. Nice group, thought Bangor was gorgeous, and apparently thought I was a tourist attraction as well. I've never had my picture taken more in my life. Doing everything. And nothing. They took about 50 pictures (honestly not exaggerating) while I was running a power point presentation. I mean, I know I'm hot and exciting and all that...but come on... :) And one younger woman gave me her email address and mobile because she 'likes Americans.' Oh silly... but fun.

I went beach walking last weekend with Steve and Lindsey on Llanddoeyn Island, and this pic is from there. Not too shabby, eh? Anyone seen the Demi Moore film 'Half Light'? It was pretty bad, but it was filmed here, this is the lighthouse she went to. Oooo exciting :)

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