20 November, 2006

His Dark Materials

So I've just finished His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. I looove the feeling when you finish a book. It's satisfying, my brain is booming, I'm a little sad to leave my friends behind... it's such a nice stew of emotions :) So His Dark Materials was really interesting. Fantasy, but not in the Harry Potter mode; it was more philosophical than I expected. The first one was tame, introductory, I got to know the character (a female heroine as well)... and then they got darker, more complex, discussed human intuition and imagination, religion, love... soooo much fun :) I highly recommend them, just so I can have someone else to talk about them with if nothing else!

So this week shall be lots of fun. Thursday is Turkey Day (yay!) and I bought a huge turkey to cook for a slew of Brits :) I'm quite excited as it's the first I'll have cooked on my own, but I have every faith I'll succeed in it (so long as I can call Emily throughout the day and confirm cooking instructions). Then Friday I'm going to Warwick with Colette til Monday, then London until Thursday with Masaki! Whee!! It's high time I got out of Bangor and changed my scenery!

Just as I was doing my image search for something from His Dark Materials, I discovered pictures of the STAGEPLAY!! A love finding new extensions for my obsessions :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! I love that series! I read them over a rainy weekend non-stop the summer after I attended Manchester! We shall talk V. soon ;-) Can't wait til next semester when I can get up there to see you. Sorry it didnt work out this semester :-( Have a happy Turkey Day and a great visit home for the holidays! I heart you! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you read them and posted about it!! I love them too. I read them last year. You do know that they're making a movie and Nicole Kidman will play Miss Coulter. So appropriate, right?
I think i might read them again this winter. The first one is by far my favorite, but they'll all interesting and compelling in their own way.

Miss you!