09 October, 2006

Blue skies

Yay! It is sunny after five days of rain. I did fire drills again this morning because we were rained out on Friday, so this was my fifth day in a row for getting up at 5am (fire drills Thursday, Friday and Monday... drunk residents waking me up on Saturday and Sunday). It felt like I was on crew again! I actually kind of miss being productive before 10am. I bought a pedometer right before I came back to Wales and it's been a daily personal challenge to break 10,000 steps a day... yeah, not too hard here as I walk everywhere. Might have to up that number. I broke 10,000 before 10am today! And had 16,000 the other day when I was at work. I should see if there's a suggestion for how many steps to do in a day. I just remembered 'the average new yorker' walked 3,000 a day (from Super Size Me), so I thought x3 was pretty good. It's fairly easy to do though when your only mode of transportation is your feet.

Anywho... things are good in Ol' Bangor. Emily went home last week so I'm still getting used to not texting her three times a day with random stuff I think about. I definitely miss having her around, but hopefully I'll get my butt to Chicago for New Years. The new wardens are a good group though, and I've met some of the sailing club and they're a lot of fun. And of course I have David and Andrew :) So not lacking in company, thankfully. Also went back to work last week and enjoyed seeing that gang. It may be a brainless job, but I enjoy the cinema.

Okay, all for now. Going to do my laundry.

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