23 March, 2009

Twilight Release on DVD

The day has come! It's in our hands! YAY!

Well, it's not yet in my hands, but it will be momentarily. So I'm back in the States after a 24-hour travel day, I had an extra week to kill, and as I'm mildly obsessed with Portland Oregon, I decided it was necessary to come up here and play for a week. So my pre-ordered DVD and Director's Notebook went to my folk's place, and they're forwarding it onto me. I am looking forward to seeing the film again (although it's still in a few theaters around Portland...fun), but I'm looking forward to the commentary, deleted scenes and featurettes even more!

Some of the extra scenes that have already been released made me cringe in a 'what the heck were you thinking' kind of a way (letting Edward suck a sip from Bella's finger?! He'd NEVER do that. He'd never let himself be that tempted), but I'm stoked to see some of the other missing bits, the commentary, and the infamous 'Midnight Sun' (or Dark High Noon if you're the TL) scene.

It's been an impressive weekend for the DVD already, selling more than 3 million copies (a feat only matched by Harry Potter OOTP, Pirates of the Carribean, The Dark Knight and Transformers, apparently). As if we can be surprised by anything from Twilight anymore, but still... it's good to see the success.

This whole process has been so interesting to analyze. There's a new term in the film world called 'The Event Film' that Twilight is most certainly a part of. These are films like The Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter that have a massive fan following, and the film releases (and every other release associated with the book/film) are massive events effecting profits, the economy, merchandising and star power among other things. A book just came out discussing all of the different elements of The Lord of the Rings in regards to this, and I think I'm writing the Twilight one...not sure yet how this is shaping up :) Fun.

So yay for being in Portland, yay for nearly having Twilight in my hands, yay for New Moon possibilities (no, I still haven't heard anything, my fingers are permanently crossed and I hope yours are too), yay for time away from Uni (I love it, but everyone needs a breather for themselves!) and yay for the monstrous amounts of analyzing I'm about to do. I'm not sure how I'll proceed.. scene by scene analysis? Comparison to the book? Character analysis? We'll see how the spirit moves me.

More soon... yay Portland :)


Karla said...

I sat down and watched Twilight with the commentary on this weekend and I laughed SO HARD! I usually don't bother with commentary on films, but this was really well done. The audio for the film is turned up and down so that you can hear the commentary vs. the audio in the film. Hardwicke has lots of little inside bits of info, Stewart and Pattinson are hilarious picking at themselves and each other (about being crossed-eyed, etc.) as well as highlighting their favorite bits. I lost it when Pattinson says "cheeseburgers" at the crucial "What do we eat" line in the re-vamped meadow scene. I highly recommend grabbing some twilight buddies and beers (only over 21, of course)and sitting down for this one. Loved it.

Karla said...

...and I just noticed - I have that exact same Oregon sticker with the green heart hanging in my cubicle here at work. Given to me by a friend who moved to Portland, naturally. :)

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Lily said...

Can you tell me how many languages are included in the dvd? I really don't want to wait till may to get the german edition xD

ToonEy said...

To Lily...the ones that we have in the U.S. have English and Spanish subtitles and English (obviously) and Spanish audio tracks. I was hoping that there was a French track on it but alas...no there isn't. I really enjoyed the commentary too...especially all of Robert's comments. And is it just me but it sounded like Robert Pattinson was eating in some of the parts...like he was munching on something while watching his movie? Any one noticed that? I don't know I've watched the actual movie and the commentary and the special featurettes over and over. I quote Robert Pattinson at the Oscars, "I'm gonna be all Twilight-ed out." LOL!!!

Ness101 said...

I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and love reading your perspective on all the book to movie stuff! :)

Oddly, what finally prompted me to comment was the sticker in your last picture - Powell's Books. More than enough reason to say "Yay Portland" in that one store! I'm lucky to live about an hour from Portland, so Powell's is a frequent destination! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in the great northwest!

Obava said...

What is the Midnight Sun scene? I've watched all the extra and deleted scenes, behind the scenes videos, etc, and can't think of which one it might be. I bought my copy of the DVD from Target- was it not on here? Midnight Sun is actually my favorite book in the whole series (LOL! Stephenie would have a conniption fit if she heard that! so I *have* to see the scene!

PS Did you notice Catherine Hardwick was wearing a Powell's t-shirt in the extras? GO POWELL's!!

jenb said...

I agree with the that deleted scene of Edward getting a taste. That would NEVER NEVER happen! (I liked the scene right until there.) So I was glad that it was cut. And I also loved the extended meadow scene & the deleted Carlisle & Esme scene. (Really wish those were in the movie and not cut.)

I'm curious to what your impressions of the director's notebook is. You didn't really say. I personally was a little disappointed in it. I wanted some more behind the scenes fun stuff like some fun or funny stuff that happened. Different experiences w/the cast & meeting with Stephenie.

I wasn't sure would be the Dark High Noon scene either. Only ones that make sense to me would be when Emmett tells Edward it's wrong because she's not one of them or the Carlisle & Esme scene.