05 April, 2009

College Fairs...

So I'm back in the States (yay!) and thus far I've spent a week in Portland (so much fun; I think I may need to move there full-time), a week in San Francisco (gorgeous every single day), and tomorrow I leave for a week in Boston. Yay all around :)

So I'm actually here to do some college fairs for my University, and the first one was yesterday. It was uber busy and slightly manic (not to mention they spelled Bangor, Wales with an 'h'... yeah, they spelled it 'Whales' on my sign... really, Really??), but it was a ton of fun to talk to high school sophomores and juniors who were thinking about coming to Bangor for their undergraduate degree.

It was very cool to talk to all of them, and share my story, but there was definitely a huge chunk of the people that I talked to because of their interest in Twilight and my work with it... funny. I'd start talking about my university, and how it let's me study what I'm passionate about, but that they make sure it's got the academic chinks to stand up to a PhD review board, and then I'd get... "Wait, Twilight? You're studying Twilight?!?" It was kind of great. And it's certainly a great conversation starter when the person that approaches my booth is wearing a 'Team Edward' t-shirt. Heehee...

So I'm going to Boston tomorrow, and the fair there is on Tuesday and Wednesday if there are any high school students looking to attend and find out about some colleges, or if anyone is looking for grad school and is going to this fair to check them out either.... I'll be there! Come find me: Here's the info.

In other news... it's not looking likely that I'll be on New Moon (insert horrid groan here). I still can't really believe it went from me possibly being on the crew of the film, to not even getting a set visit..... They're being massively protective of this set, as I'm sure most of you have realized as there are no stories or pictures of the filming out there thus far, really, and it's pretty much just mainstream entertainment that is getting access. I think that kinda blows, as the first one was so exciting because it involved the fanbase and the periphery elements (like academics like me!).

One of the high-ranking crew has offered to help me with research though, so hopefully I'll still get some sort of information; granted it won't be my own observations and therefore I'll have to take them with a grain of salt, and they'll probably have a 'studio' spin on them, but still... I'm glad they're still talking to me and not just banning any aspect of my work and New Moon, and I'll take whatever info I can get at this point.


Anyway... I'm gonna keep truckin' along. I am working my way through the DVD, so hopefully after my week in Boston I'll start posting some scene by scene filmy-analysis-type stuff. Keep an eye out :)


Nancy said...

Okay I think I answered my question on how you are going to these awesome places...haha...love the blog!

ScullingOnSquam said...

Glad you like it Nancy! Yes, I traveled most recently for work/research/fun, and this was just for fun to see my folks, but it turned into research as tends to happen with my life :)

Happy reading! More updates soon, I swear to all that is holy and literate, I'll be just in one place soon :)