22 April, 2009

Oh Italy...

So just a quickie... sorry I've been rubbish at updating this, but I've been ridiculously on the move in the past four weeks (I live in Wales, but I went to Portland Oregon for 10 days, San Francisco for a week, Boston for a week, New Hamsphire for a few days, three days back in Wales, a night in Liverpool, and now I'm in Italy visiting my folks whilst they are on vacation- life is tough, huh? :-p)

So I'm in Italy, and I'm heading to Montepulciano tomorrow...yeah, the place that will be Volterra in New Moon. I don't even plan this stuff; I think Twilight just follows me everywhere I go now. I knew I was meeting my parents in Siena, but beyond that I didn't know where we were going; and yes, it's the make-believe Volterra.

Anyway... I'll take a bajillion pictures, I'll have a glass of red (or four) in the square and take notes, and hopefully have some more rockin' posts coming up when I've stopped moving for more than 4 days and can finally get some of this work, analysing and research up!

Arrividerchi (yes, I know I spelled that wrong... I'm in a rush, at an internet cafe!)

UPDATE: So I'm in Montepulciano and daaaang I can so see the Volturi inhabiting this place. I took a good 100 pictures before the rain rolled in this afternoon (I killed time when it started raining by going to a wine tasting. This guy named Adamo poured for me, and he's amazing. He's 71, he's been working at this wine cellar since he was 15, he knew very little English, but a smattering of Spanish, and I know a bit of Spanish, so somehow we managed a conversation over many mini-glasses of wine... it was brilliant).

Anyway... very cool city, very Volturi-like. And I'll try not to follow any gorgeous women down any dark alleyways... especially if they're named Heidi. I'd rather not end up as someone's snack... ugh, especially not Caius'...I bed he has horrible table manners.

More soon :)

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Nancy said...

Wow you are so lucky! How do you get to go to so many places? For school? I can't wait to see your pictures!