23 September, 2009


Seriously? It's been a month since I've posted? Yikes... well, for 2 weeks I was in the woods of New Hampshire for camp, then my sister got married (YAY! BEST wedding!), then I repacked again, flew to Wales, and I've been here for a week. Work has started, I just got my teaching assignments (I'm teaching Digital Communications...a fancy way of saying IT class and web design stuff), and things are rolling!

Posts forthcoming: I still want to chat about working with Sandymontana productions in Portland on a commercial shoot, I've some thoughts on the New Moon soundtrack that I'm hashing through, and I'd love to do an analysis of the new trailer(s) in comparison with the Twilight one, so we'll see if I can get a few hours free to do that!

It looks like I'll be doing a few of the Twilight events with Creation Entertainment in the near future, and I'm putting together an anthology of critical essays on Twilight with a panelist from TwiCon. Certainly keeping busy! I'm hoping to get involved in some of the New Moon release events, but I've been less involved in this process as I was for Twilight, so we'll see.

Okay, more soon.

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