15 August, 2009

Pictures from Vampire Baseball!

I've finally got the go-ahead to post Vampire Baseball pictures, so here's a selection for you (they actually gave me permission about a week ago, but life's been rather nuts; after TwiCon I flew to Boston and saw friends for a couple of days and punched out some work on adaptation theory, and then popped up to Manchester NH to see my sister for a couple of days, and prep a pitch for a Critical Analysis work on Twilight...whoot! Now I'm in Holderness NH, preparing for camp. It's my 20th year there (...I started when I was 7), and my 10th year as a member of the council. Love it!).

Anywho, Vampire Baseball! Look back to
the post about it here, but I'll just post a slew of
pictures here and the rest on Webshots.
It was definitely a fun day. I'm still grateful to Leigh Trapp and Jeannie Barresi and the gang from FanTrips. It was a good time, and it sounds like it's going to happen again in the future. Wahoo!

Webshots Album here.


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