22 November, 2011

There is No Team Jacob

If you've a moment in your post-Breaking Dawn reverie today, I recommend you pop over to my pal Ashley's blog to read her paper on 'There is no Team Jacob' (give the paper a look before you throw daggers her way, all of you Jacob fans. It's a well put together and clearly argued way to look at the whole imprinting malarkey.  

Ashley was my right hand lady at TwiCon organizing academic panels with me, and then did the same thing last summer for LeakyCon, where we presented on film adaptation, specifically the final Potter film from book to screen. She's pretty rockin', with a unique voice and a great perspective on this topic. Now just wait for her Harry/Hermione paper... it'll blow your mind. 

I'm off to see Breaking Dawn again tonight, and there just may be a little deconstruction and film analysis happening in the near future; we shall see :)

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Anonymous said...

I totally missed the Volturi scene! When was it?? And what happened?