29 July, 2009

TwiCon: Day One- travel and prepping

Well, I'm officially in Dallas for TwiCon 2009 after a rather harrowing journey. It was good for awhile; my original flight in Portland was delayed, so they switched me to a direct flight to Dallas (yay! Direct flights are always nice), I sat next to a cool guy who's in the Air Force, lived in Japan, had just come back from Alaska... a fun seat partner and good chatter, but then when I landed.... no luggage. So they switched me, but not my stuff. Then they informed me that they could locate one, but did not yet know where the second one was... Joy.

So I got to the hotel after wading through a sea of Mary Kay representatives (there's a Mary Kay convention here too... at least I'll know where to go when my eyebrow furrow gets too pronounced), and met up with my roommates for the next few days. After a shower, food, and a little mindless TV, things were better. They still hadn't located my bags, but as of this morning they had both, and they were at my hotel and are now in my possession! Yay!

So today is all prepping. Putting together the program details, making sure everything that I'm able to prep for is prepped for, and trying to maintain a normal level of sanity :)

I'm getting stoked. I think it'll be neat when the fans get here and really see the excitement, and use that energy in the convention. Right now, I'm just ready for it to start!

I'll try to keep things updated on Twitter too, and will post full reports after TwiCon if not during... it'll depend on my exhaustion levels, I think!

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