31 July, 2009

TwiCon, Thursday

Well, day one is in full swing at TwiCon 2009. There were a bunch of glitches planning, lots of little hurdles to overcome as we worked through the details, and tempers and patiences were getting tight... but honestly, now that the fans are all here, it's been pretty rockin'. It's hard not to get excited about what you've done when 2,500 people are all smiles, wearing home-made Twilight shirts, and are screaming at anything Twilight related.... and there's a whole lotta Twilight related things around here at the morning, so there's a lotta screaming!

I got here Tuesday and it's been two very full days of organizing my panels, and finishing up last minute details to make sure it all runs smoothly. I think we're gonna be okay (I sure hope those aren't famous last words). The fans started arriving early today, and it was fun to play 'who's for Twilight, and who's for Mary Kay?' (There's a Mary Kay convention going on at the same time, so we're filling the Sheraton).

Registration opened at 3pm, and the lines were MASSIVE. I haven't heard of any fights breaking out or anything, so I really hope all is going as smoothly as it looks like it is. I met with my
chairs and panelists, and I think we're all ready for the events of tomorrow. I haven't finished my adaptation presentation yet... but meh... details. At this point I can totally wax on without notes...right? Right.

I've just come back from the welcome reception and parts of that were UBER fun. The energy at the beginning was infectious. It's always good during these events to take a step back, pause, breathe, and look around at what we've put together. I started towards the Lone Star Ballroom tonight, where the welcome reception was, and was greeted with tons of cheers. Music was pounding, the TwiCon logo was all over the ballroom, people were hugging, laughing, jumping up and down, and sporting SO much Twilight gear. I haven't seen this kind of mania since the London premiere in December!

It started with the members of the Hillywood spoofs coming out, in character (Edward, Bella, Jasper and Alice) and they re-enacted moments of Twilight, but applied them to the TwiCon audience ("Don't worry, Jasper, you won't hurt the audience"). Cute. They were so well-dressed, and stayed in character uber well, it was a lot of fun; like a Saturday Night Live sketch, but TwiCon Day One Live :)

The middle bit dragged, but it had all of the necessary information needed at a big convention, and I particularly enjoyed Kaleb Nation's video about not asking actors creepy questions, and keeping the stalking to a minimum. Fun.

The best bit was the Evil Iguana spoof of the ballet studio fight scene in Twilight. It was hysterical! I'll link it as soon as it's up. HYSTERICAL. First of all, Alice was played by a dude and just took it to the enth degree; it was hysterical. "It's going to happen Edward, I've seen it" and burrying Edward's head in 'her' bosom. Oh so funny... and Carlisle constantly referring to the fact that "I'm a doctor..." in a cocky, very un-Carlisle way, but in a very hysterical way.

More soon, but there's part one! I'm off to the VIP reception on the top floor, and last minute touch ups on details for tomorrow.

Watch this space! And follow my Twitter too; tons of us are Twittering about TwiCon... but I think I'm from a slightly different perspective, if you know what I mean...

More pictures soon too... they take FOREVER to load here!


Tara said...

Sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there! Sounds like you are all putting on a fabu conference and making lots of great memories!
Lovin ya,
Ashley's Mom