25 July, 2009

TwiCon: Webmaster's Panel

Hello All!

Well TwiCon is now only 5 days away- YAY, and also, YIKES!

At TwiCon we're doing a panel with Kallie and Kassie from Twilight Series Theories, Kaleb Nation from The Twilight Guy, Lisa Hansen from Twilight Moms, Michelle Pan from BellaandEdward.com, and Kimmy from HisGoldenEyes. I believe it'll be recorded so more than just the attendees can see it, but basically, I want to ask for YOUR help.

In the comments to this post, I'd like you guys to post questions that you'd want to ask these Masters of the Twilight Online World :) Maybe how they first got into Twilight, what's one of the hardest aspects of running a Twilight site, who have you been able to meet...anything! I'll collect the questions and ask the best ones (and sign your name and location if you want me to credit you with the question) during the panel on Friday.

Happy Questioning!

Get thinking!


Deb said...

As an "older" TwilightMom, I'm looking at the amazing amount of online fansites, blogs and gossip available about one series and I'm gaaa-gaaa. I have been reading sci-fi/fantasy for 35 years and I have never seen SO many people SO excited about an author or books or movies as they are about the Twilight saga (which I THOROUGHLY enjoy). I keep wondering if this will change my beloved genre. Make it more "pop" culture? What do you younger ones think?

Catherine said...

As a twilight granny, who gave the books to my mom, who absolutely love them, I was wondering why no one has asked the question as to why Billy Black was in a wheel chair AND why did they nail Jacob's mother's coffin shut? Page 149 in Breaking Dawn. Catherine from Carlisle, pa.

Anonymous said...

Your sites all have a great reputation for quality information about the Twilight series, as well as strong connections with the author and movie creative teams. With the huge increase in the series' popularity since the first movie came out, what impact has that had on your sites, and how has that influenced the communication from the production company to your sites?

Verlinda from Memphis, TN

Tara said...

Hi, My question is: In what ways can you see your sites evolving as the next movie comes out?

Krystal said...

What things about the Twilight books encouraged you to make a website? -Krystal A. Phoenix, Az.

Hannah From UK said...

With Twilight becoming so huge, fans practically chase you everywhere and demand autographs. But has there ever been a day where you think to yourself 'I wish Twilight wasn't this big' because I think we as fans would understand due to the fact that is can be quite overwelming to be loved this much.

xXxTwihardxXx said...

Would you be able to ask the cast that how they think the fans differentiate in different countries and another question is what do the cast think about the fans that are Team Jacob and Team Edward. Like, do they think that fans of Team Edward have a certain personality or something along the lines of that. And what would be the correct way for a fan to address them in public because we know that Robert doesn't like it. So, how could fans, without hassling the cast, have a memorable moment from them (for example, get an autograph or take a picture with them) that they could be happy with? If you understand what I mean! THANK YOU!!!!

AmyCate said...

- Why did you want to become involved in the online discourse surrounding Twilight?

- Do you feel proud to be part of a phenomenon which will impact upon future films both within the saga and in future event films?

- Do you think online discussion should influence the direction and later reception of a film?

- Do you think the online response would have been so influencial if the main target audience had not been teenagers?

Best of luck for the conference! I look forward to reading your post-con blogs.

Bangor, U.K.

EdwardsPanda said...

What is it about the Twilight Saga, that inspired you to want to be apart of the fandom?

In your opinion why do think the Twilight Saga has grown to be such a huge success in both teens and older adults?

-Michelle C. Ontario,Ca.

alexa said...

to Rob- if you didn't play Edward, would New Moon still be your favorite book?

ScullingOnSquam said...

Just to remind everyone... this is for the WEBMASTERS, not the cast. Sorry! They'll have their own Q&A :)

Thanks guys! This is looking great, keep it coming!

Piper Grey said...

When you were a young fan-site, how did you secure a good reputation with your colleagues, build your network, and get your name out to the public and the other Twilight Fan-site moderators?

Sophie Rose said...

With Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga currently topping book sales, do you think a new movement is underway for young readers? If so, what suggestions do you have for a book review website that offers young adults and women a "life beyond twilight," and additional reading material?

Anonymous said...

Where does the majority of your news & info come from- other sites? Fans? Official sources?
Do fans send in a lot of info to you?

Is it ever a chore? Do you sometimes need to take a break & come back refreshed?

Who will you be seeing New Moon with?

How long do you think you'll continue to do this for?

Thanks. Good luck!


Laney Belle said...

What advice would you give to a newer Twilight fansite to help them build their “web credit” and establish a loyal fan base?

Anonymous said...

Once you decided to create a site, what is the step by step process to get your site operating? Also, how do you go about developing a relationship with the studio and/or others in the Twilight world so you can receive official information from them?

Anonymous said...

Questions for panel-
1. How was your Comic Con experience ?
2. How did you get into the Twilight series and what lead to you guys starting up a website ?
3. Any funny stories about Twilight or it's fans that you've encountered ?
4. Best Twilight fan experience you won't forget ?

kimberly said...

Why is Twilight the "thing" that makes you dedicate so much of your life to it?

Stephani Savary said...

To each of you: What aspect(s) of the story is/are your favorite? Obviously you all love Twilight :), as do all of us here at Twicon, so I was just wondering what aspect of the story truly built your love for it, which gave you the inspiration to start the websites you have started.

I also just want to thank you for the work you do to keep other fans, just like you, informed about the Twilight world we all love :).

Buffy said...

Did you know the "Twilight" hand model on the cover of the first book launched a website today just in time for Twicon? Check it out at www.handsoftwilight.com and talk to her there at the convention!!!